Monday, 3 September 2012

Lazy Burglars

A couple of months ago, Foofy and I had to stay in my old house in Reading on our way to Paris.  My BFF, Giraffe, (again, not his real name, but I totally wish it was) very kindly offered his room for us to stay in.  Initially, we were going to sleep on an air mattress, but Giraffe expressed a desire to camp outside in the garden because that’s the kind of thing he likes to do.  He had recently been to Penzance with his one-man tent and had a whale of a time.  We inflated the air mattress, put it in the tent, and, with that, Giraffe went to sleep and Foofy and I slept in his bed.

The End.

I am, of course, joking.  We slept well, and were excited to begin preparing for Paris the next day.  When we went outside to wake up Giraffe, though, he had a very interesting story to tell:

After drifting off into a deep sleep, he was unexpectedly woken up at 4am by a torch shining on his tent and someone telling him to get up.  Shocked, he unzipped the tent to be greeted with three policemen.  They told him that there had been a burglary in the area that night and that Giraffe was a suspect and they had to search his tent.  The reason he was a suspect? Because he was camping in a garden near the burglary.  I find this hilarious, not just because Giraffe must have been so surprised when he was woken up, but the fact that the policemen must have considered that a burglar, fresh from a-burglaring, would not only have been too lazy to leave the scene of the crime, but would have had the foresight to actually bring a tent to sleep in afterwards alongside everything he had stolen.

Honestly, burglars today; just lying around!      


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  2. They never caught the real burglar, though. He was too tricky for them: he camped out in the yard next door.


  4. I just realised that the burglar is an intellectual. He stole some modern art! Do a new post soon, we miss you.