Friday, 8 June 2012

Last night's dinner

Last night I went to a dinner party.  The evening consisted of:

1. Going to the shops and trying to find a 'sturdy red' but ending up buying a bottle of peach bellini which was pretty disgusting.

2. Eating delicious cous cous and vegetables.

3. My 6 companions and I eating, quite literally, a litre of cream for dessert; my good friend, L, who created this dish (which also involved strawberries, honey, lime, and crushed biscuits) encouraged us to keep eating and not stop, as if we stopped just for a moment, we'd become frighteningly aware of all the sugar and fat coursing through our veins and would be unable to continue.  My boyfriend finished his first portion before everyone else, and, not only did he have second and third helpings, but just a little later he ate almost half of a banoffee pie intended for about 8 people.

4. Having a very detailed conversation about the sacrament of Baptism and the history of the divine right of kings during the reign of Elizabeth I.

5. Watching a film about Gilbert and Sullivan called 'Topsy Turvy', which I have seen about 20 times and which never gets boring to me. 

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