Saturday, 21 July 2012

The craziest thing to happen at an airport

I received a text message from a very good friend of mine yesterday; it’s probably one of the best text messages I’ve ever received in my life:

“I was in Heathrow airport on Tuesday.  As I was queuing up to get on the plane, a man came past wheeling a massive trolley full of sanitary bins from the ladies’ toilets.  They were stacked 5 or 6 high.  There must have been at least 60 of them, and they towered over everyone’s heads.  Although they were strapped in, they were swaying quite precariously.  I had a horrible fear that they would fall, discharging their loathsome loads all over the floor like the end of a blood-soaked game of jenga.  It made me think of you.”

Even I'm confused by this and I'm the one that made it.

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