Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The funniest moment of my life (thus far)

People often throw around the phrase; “That was the funniest moment of my life,” but rarely mean it.  I, in fact, know exactly what the funniest moment of my life was and I remember it like it was yesterday:

My bessie and I were in a Borders book shop (which has since closed, but that’s another story) and we were simply browsing, not buying.  I was still at school at the time so didn’t have money to buy all the books I wanted.  I did, on that visit, buy a book about Edward II which turned out to be largely gay porn, but it was extremely historically accurate and probably more useful to me for my A-Level history coursework than any other book was.  (That’s also another story, however.)

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a man carrying a very large, hardback book.  I don’t know what it was as I didn’t get a close look, but he just had it open in his hands, which must have been difficult for such a heavy book:

Without warning, the book seemed to become top-heavy, and begun to fall over the top of the man’s hands.  It was too late for him to stop it, so he was forced to allow it to spin round until it landed in his hands the wrong way up.  Unfortunately by that time it had gained so much momentum that it begun to spin uncontrollably four or five more times before it ended with the man spread-eagled over the ground with his head in the centre of the book:

The look of helplessness and concentration on his face, as well as the frantic desperation of his actions caused me to lose complete control over myself.  My bessie and I, not wanting to laugh in front of the man, ran off in separate directions to silently weep with laughter for a few minutes until we found each other, wet-faced and exhausted, a little later.

Nothing else that has happened in my life has been funnier than this, but I’ll let you all know if this changes. 


  1. Poor guy. I'm always disappointed when people run off to laugh at me, since there's nothing that makes injuring yourself worthwhile like giving someone a good laugh...

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  3. this essay actually made me laughed out loud! haha! pitiful the guy.